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A Little About Our Family Bakery

In 1987, the trusty red pickup that used to comfortably contain our family and our dreams had quickly become barely able to fit the bread orders for the few Southern California customers we had at the time. After more than 20 years we have grown much like our bread, creating a name that stands for quality and excellence you can count on for your traditional and kosher-style baking needs. Every morning our kitchen overflows with the enticing aroma of fresh baking still prepared by hand, guided by the principles and experience of Solomon himself. Newcomers to our bakery soon discover that we are truly committed to providing only the highest quality baking to our valued customers and friends. Solomon and his team of master bakers have crafted a wide selection of contemporary and signature recipes served to you by our friendly and knowledgable staff. We take great care, at Solomon's Bakery, to select only the finest ingredients for our products with the hope that you will enjoy our baking as much as we enjoy baking it!

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